Adi Amor Shares Her Nighttime Skincare Routine for Combination Skin | Beauty Basics | PREVIEW

  • 2 years ago
Having combination skin can be tricky as you have to address contrasting concerns at the same time. While your T-zone gets oily, the rest of your face remains dry to normal. Hence, using just one kind of specialized product isn't usually enough. Add that to having acne-prone skin, and you're sure to be pressed for options. Luckily, influencer and Preview Clique 2022 member Adi Amor has perfected her skincare routine to cater to exactly this skin type.

In this episode of Beauty Basics, Adi shows us her tried and tested nighttime skincare regimen. Having gone through her own fair share of creams and serums, she has found the ones that actually work for her and shares it to us in this short video. Consisting of eight steps, it's the perfect jump-off point if you're starting to curate your own routine. After all, as what Adi reminds us, our faces are all unique and we have to be patient with our skin in figuring out what works. See for yourself!

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