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Toddler learns that carrying rocks on beach isn't a walk in the park

Paying attention to detail doesn't seem to be a strong suit of one of the kids featured in this endearing video.

The footage shows said kid (in grey) trying to put the rocks, on a beach shore, under her shirt.

What she fails to realize is that whenever she goes on to pick a rock, the previous one falls out of her shirt. Despite that, she doesn't give up and eventually succeeds in collecting all the rocks in her sight.

"We were visiting a Lake Michigan beach during a fall day," the filmer, Carlye Cordes told WooGlobe. "We had put away all the sand toys, so we had to make do with plastic bottles and rocks.

"Blake (the star of this clip) thought she was putting the rocks in a pocket."
Location: Ludington, Lake Michigan, USA

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