2 months ago

'They light up our lives' - Toddler shows 'ruthless' love to her snoring English Bulldog

Comical footage has surfaced of a toddler showing love to her five-month-old pup in a not-so-gentle manner.

The video features the aforementioned baby girl, named Coral, drinking milk while watching TV. Next to her is her dog, named Daphne, audibly snoring while taking a nap.

While Coral tries her best to comfort her sleeping buddy by rubbing and patting her face, she goes a bit too hard and has to be asked by her mum to be gentle.

"Coral and Daphne sleep, play, eat, and share pretty much everything," the filmer, Tabitha Delaney told us. "They both snore and they both light up our lives. They are best friends."
Location: Williamstown, United States
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