2 months ago

5-Minute Mentor: Is My Idea Ready to Be a Business?

Here’s how to test your idea and bring it to market in an impactful way.

"If you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one." So says Terry Rice, a business development consultant and contributor at Entrepreneur.

In this week's episode of 5-Minute Mentor, Terry sits down with Noah Owsiany, a college student who has an idea for a business called Social Inc., which aims to connect people to local events based on their interests. Over the course of their conversation, Terry explains:

How to speak directly to your target audience
Why you should not be in a rush to scale your business
How to identify missing components of your plan that are stopping you from reaching your goals
The benefits of taking a "problem-first" approach to ideating
When it is time to go from proof of concept to launched business

All in five minutes! Watch the above video to hear Terry's tips and see how they can be applied to whatever project you're working on. Go get 'em!

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