Democrat Adam Frisch concedes to Rep. Lauren Boebert in Colorado House race
  • el año pasado
After a tight U.S. House race that was likely headed to a recount, Adam Frisch conceded to Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert on Friday. The Democratic businessman from the ritzy ski town of Aspen led a surprisingly difficult challenge against the renowned conservative firebrand whose combative style helped define the new right.  "America is tired of the circus, tired of the lack of respect for our institutions and democracy, and tired of the lack of civility in our discourse," Frisch said in a video. CBS News had characterized the race as "lean Republican," but on Friday, Boebert was leading Frisch by just 551 votes, or 0.16 points, out of 326,965 votes counted. Frisch said he supports the recount but that it would be unrealistic to think it would flip enough votes for him to win. A margin that small qualifies for an automatic recount under Colorado law, in a race that has garnered national attention as Republicans try to bolster their advantage in the U.S. House after clinching a narrow