• 2 years ago
Solo Overnight Camping on a Rainy Day while relaxing and releasing the stress to the oddly satisfying sounds of nature.

The day pretty much started sunny but a little dry and cold. The evening went the opposite by being humid and warm.

The hiking scenery is one of the best parts of the journey that I haven't documented. Camping in the rain and Outdoor Cooking was always my favorite part of this journey, but this time I have tried doing some outdoor barbeque by bringing a massive grill.

The grill is a bit heavy but the results are worth it. ASMR Camping to others, while it is not to some, it's your opinion. If you don't like the video, please feel free to skip ;) - La Adventura Liza

My fourth camping video. This was in a middle of a hill, a flat part where a tent can almost not fit. Unfortunately, this day was clearing operations day for an electric company and chainsaws can be heard even from a far.

My campsite is also very close to a biker's trail and they can be heard occasionally.

The closest village is about 3-4km away, The campsite was high enough that some occasional dogs and chickens and even kids shouting from a distance can be heard. This was just about a few hundred meters away from my last campsite.

I hope you find this a relaxing and satisfying video to escape the stress and take a break from the stress of city life.

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