Khatri Biryani Karachi | Best Biryani In Karachi | Karachi Street Food

  • 2 years ago
Today we are visiting the hidden food street of Karachi which is very famous for it's unique style Khatri Biryani. Khatri is a caste, originally found in South Asia. Apart from India , they are also found in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This community is very famous for it's spicy and juicy biryani which is very famous in the whole Karachi and at this food street located in the area of Godhra in Karachi there is a whole food street with full of Biryani stalls and shops.

After hearing from almost every friend i have decided to try this spicy biryani and believe me the taste of this biryani is just beyond my words. The thick layer of spices on the top of biryani makes the authentic and real taste of this beef biryani.

Meat in this biryani is so tendered and juicy you can surely going to love this beef biryani. Do share your thoughts on this spicy beef biryani in comment section.