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Lamb RIBS Cooked in Tandoor!! WILDERNESS FOOD in Rural Azerbaijan!!

Qamarvan is a beautiful location, set in a valley surrounded by some of the highest mountains in Azerbaijan. It’s green, lush, and home to some of the best lambs that graze naturally and organic food. Wilderness Cooking is an outdoor cooking show that specializes in natural foods, organic cooking and oftentimes whole animals. What I love about this is how therapeutic their cooking is. Nothing is rushed and the sounds are kept natural.

Today, Tavakkul is cooking a whole lamb as fresh as possible. He has a number of amazing cooking techniques around the yard and today he’s cooking half the lamb on a fire hot stone and the other goes into the mud tandir oven. He seasoned the meat with salt and pepper. For the hot stone the trick was the amount of lamb fat he melted down to almost confit the lamb in its own dripping fat. For the tandir lamb, it was cooked then basted with sour plum sauce. Let me tell you, not only does Tavakkul’s cooking look good, but it’s insanely tasty. Everything is saturated with as much lamb fat as possible giving it the maximum amount of flavor.

It was an incredible day, the food was delicious, and the Azerbaijani hospitality was even better.

Tavakkul does have a restaurant in Qamarvan that’s call Qaya Restaurant that you can definitely check out when you’re in the area to get some amazing local Azerbaijani food.

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