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Fraud Episode 27 - 5th November 2022 - ARY Digital Drama

ARY Digital
ARY Digital
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Fraud Episode 27 - Saba Qamar | Ahsan Khan | Mikaal Zulfiqar | 05th November 2022 - ARY Digital

Fraud is a story of deceit, dishonesty and cheating. The main plot is about Maya, a daughter of a proud teacher and Tabraiz, a fraudster who marries Maya with his trickery.

Writer: Zanjabeel Asim
Director: Saqib Khan

Saba Qamar,
Ahsan Khan,
Mikaal Zulfiqar,
Rabia Kulsoom,
Adnan Samad Khan,
Mehmood Aslam,
Nida Mumtaz,
Nazli Soomro,
Asma Abbas,
Annie Zaidi and others.

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