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'Think he was surprised' - Man flies 800 miles to give his pops a WHOLESOME Father's Day surprise

Absence does make the heart grow fonder and one doesn't have to go beyond this video to find proof.

This powerful footage features the moment Daniel Alberty gave his old man a Father's Day gift he could have never seen coming.

As the dad, named John, is busy looking into the camera, Daniel pops up from behind and catches him off-guard; mind you, it was their first meeting in months.

Seeing his son so close to him makes John forget everything else around him for a moment, resulting in full-on wholesomeness.

"I moved 800 miles away, and my dad and I hardly ever see each other now," Daniel told WooGlobe. "So, I surprised him for Father’s Day. He had no idea I was coming to see him!"
Location: Bolivar, Ohio, USA

WooGlobe Ref : WGA076594
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