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Dallas Cowboys Defense Hold Off Detroit Lions In A 24-6 Victory

The Dallas Cowboys (5-2) beat the Detroit Lions (1-5) in a 24-6 victory in AT&T Stadium on Sunday afternoon. The Cowboys defiance held off the Lions stellar offense and aided in the win on Sunday.

Both teams got off to a slow start in the first half. Detroit took a 6-3 lead into the third quarter after two made field goals.

Dak Prescott’s return looked a little shaky after his first two series ended up three and outs. The Cowboys offense managed to get one field goal before the half but the offensive productivity lacked tremendously in the first half and that’s putting it lightly.

The Cowboys saw a window of opportunity to take the lead at the end of the first half but a fumble made by WR Noah Brown inside the five changed that as Detroit recovered. Brown was hit with a nasty blow to his legs that resulted in him doing a flip, and in the process losing the ball.

Prescott finished the first half 9-of-14 for 104 total yards and 0 touchdowns. We didn’t see much of the run game make a difference in the first half, Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott combined for 49 total yards.

The wide receivers had a little bit more production but not much. Between dropping passes and dealing with the Lions secondary CeeDee Lamb led with 2 catches for 45 total yards.

Trevon Diggs opened up the second half with an interception to give Dallas the ball back. That’s Diggs third interception of the season. Diggs interception results in a one yard touchdown from Elliott giving Dallas a 10-3 lead in the middle of the third quarter.

Dallas’s defense then forces a three and out from the Lions and Kavontae Turpin returns for 52-yards giving the Cowboys great position to score the ball. Prescott and Company could not convert and the amazing run for Turpin was wasted, Dallas got no points on the board in that drive. The 52-yard punt return from Turpin is the second-longest punt return by any player this season. Avery Williams holds the longest punt return this season with a 56 yard return for Atlanta.

Lions get the ball back and get extremely close to scoring, one yard away to be exact. LB Micah Parsons stops the Lions at the one yard line. What everyone thought was going to be an easy seven points for the Lions turned into a fumble forced by DeMarcus Lorence which was then recovered by Anthony Barr at the one yard line to give the Cowboys a huge break in the middle of the fourth quarter.

The Cowboys could not convert after the interceptions but the defense continued to hold strong for Dallas. Lions QB Jared Goff threw another interception picked off by Jordan Lewis giving Dallas yet another opportunity to score late in the fourth quarter.

Dallas finished the fourth quarter with another touchdown to solidify the win for Dallas.

Ezekiel Elloiott said after the game, “ The defense’s ability to steal the ball is the reason we are winning the games.”

Dallas will be back in AT&T Stadium next Sunday to play the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon.

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