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BIG CATS for Kids: Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Leopard, Cheetah, and Puma - Discover the World's Biggest Cats

With the help of this kid-friendly educational movie, let's learn about the many big cats. The large cat's zoo comes to your home with the help of our big cat's movie for kids. For more instructive films, visit the Kiddopedia channel at

The phrase "big cats" is frequently used to refer to giant wild cats. The several species of big cats, including tigers (the largest big cats), snow leopards, and cheetahs, are referred to as "big cats" (the smallest big cats). The well-known large cats in Africa are the tiger, lion, leopard, and cheetah.

The Kiddypedia team has created a brief large cat documentary so that you and your kids may learn more about these animals. We want to provide you with HD videos of wild cats along with sounds from large cats. We have included images of huge cats purring and meowing, as well as the cubs of these wild animals.

Big cats around the world, ranked by size:
30-45 kg Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus (99 lbs)
35-55 kg Snow Leopard (Ounce) - Uncia uncia (121 lbs)
Panthera pardus (leopard): 25–80 kg (176 lbs)
Puma - Puma concolor: 30-85 kg (Cougar, Mountain Lion, Catamount) (187 lbs)
40-100 kg Jaguar - Panthera onca (220 lbs)
Panthera leo lion: 110–225 kg (495 lbs)
Panthera tigris, the tiger: 65–305 kg (671 lbs)

The habitat of big cats: Big cats can be found living in the wild all around the world. Asia is home to tigers. Sub-Saharan Africa and India's Gir Forest are home to lions. Unfortunately, their former range, which included Southeast Europe, the Middle East, much of Asia, and North America, is now gone. Jaguars can be found all over the Americas, from northern Argentina to the southern United States. Asia and Africa are home to leopards. In the highlands of central and southern Asia, snow leopards can be found. Iran and Sub-Saharan Africa are home to the cheetah, the world's fastest land animal. In North and South America, a puma, sometimes known as a cougar, panther, or mountain lion, can be found.

List of animals in this big cats video for kids:
0:10 Tiger
0:30 Lion
0:50 Jaguar
1:10 Leopard
1:30 Puma
1:50 Snow Leopard
2:10 Cheetah
2:30 Tiger Cubs
2:50 Lion Cubs
3:10 Jaguar Cubs
3:30 Leopard Cubs
3:50 Puma Cubs
4:10 Snow Leopard Cubs
4:30 Cheetah Cubs

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Australia Zoo Tigers by Duncan Rawlinson.
Terra Natura con tigres por Charo Tainta by larioja

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