11 months ago

Windows 11 Tips & Tricks

Learn to Earn
Learn about the best hidden features on Windows, including four new shortcut keys, new Windows themes to personalize the experience, the night light, the re-designed Emoji picker, and much more. We start by looking at hidden features that are completely new to Windows 11. Then we explore features that have been part of past versions of Windows, but aren't well known.

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:20 New shortcut keys
1:19 Add more themes
1:48 Shortcut to launch task manager
2:13 Night light
2:43 Make mouse cursor more visible
3:12 Hide desktop icons
3:34 Re-designed Emoji picker
3:54 Copy & paste multiple items
4:23 Start menu navigation
4:48 Map print screen to Snip & Sketch
5:31 Steps recorder
6:03 Add additional clocks
6:34 Dark theme
7:03 Startup apps
7:28 Windows sandbox
8:15 Sticky notes
8:46 Dictation with auto punctuation
9:05 Video editor
9:37 Screen record with Game Bar
10:09 Quick assist
10:44 Wrap up