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Learn Mandarin From Movies: 半个喜剧 (Almost A Comedy) | Newbie Lesson (v) | ChinesePod

ChinesePod (Official)
ChinesePod (Official)
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Learn Mandarin From Movies Series is a push increase awareness of fun Chinese movies that can help you improve your Mandarin Chinese level.

In this episode, we feature the movie 半个喜剧 (Almost a Comedy). The film follows the life of three young people who have different goals in life: one wants to say goodbye to single life, one wants to have a dissipated night before marriage, and one wants to set a firm footing in Beijing. Their frantic journey looks almost like a comedy.

Key Vocabulary:
儿子 - érzi - son
阿姨 - āyí - auntie; maternal aunt; step-mother
朋友 - péngyou - friend
女朋友 - nǚpéngyǒu - girlfriend
意思 - yìsi - idea; opinion; meaning
姑娘 - gūniang - girl; young woman; young lady
名 - míng - name
大名 - dàmíng - full name
姓 - xìng - family name; surname
北京 - Běijīng - Beijing, capital of People's Republic of China; Peking; PRC government
哎哟 - āiyō - hey; ow; ouch

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