Liz Truss buys herself breathing space by urging Tories to stick with her true-blue vision of taking on 'anti-growth coalition' of Labour, unions and XR - but MPs warn she must 'knock heads together' amid civil war over 45p rate

  • 2 years ago
Trying to draw a line under days of damaging splits over tax rates and benefits, the PM told activists in Birmingham she is determined to take the country through the 'tempest' of the global economic crisis after Covid and the war in Ukraine. And she spelt out a starkly different vision from that espoused by Labour, promising her government will let people keep more of their earnings and stay out of their lives as much as possible. She listed Keir Starmer, XR environmentalists and think-tanks as part of the alliance that needed to be overcome - with No10 also suggesting Jamie Oliver was part of it.