"Quit Hate," Says Tushar Gandhi On 153rd Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

last year
"Freedom related activities often found a home in AIKC’s office in Khilafat House in Byculla, Mumbai. The House has the honor of being the starting point of the countrywide non-cooperation movement by Gandhiji in 1920.All India Khilafat Committee, after independence in 1947 was declared a public
And today after 75 years of independence this same building is witnessed an event which says
Quit hate and save the constitution. Today one day ahead of mahatma gandhi jayanti
this event is organised by staunch gandhiyan GG pareikh
And the program was graced by Tushar Gandhi author, activists and great grandson of mahatma Gandhi. Author ram puniyani also expressed his views on growing hate in the society
HW News spoke to Tushar Gandhi on what the event is all about and what would have been gandhi's message to the citizens of India Today.Here is what he said.

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