2 months ago

Dad gets surprised with all 4 of his daughters on his 70th birthday

What better way for a dad to celebrate his 70th birthday than spending it with all his grown-up kids?

In this heartwarming footage, Erricka Jones, along with her three sisters, is seen sneaking up on her dad and making his day in the process.

"My oldest sister and I live in Indiana, the rest of the family is in Western NY," Erricka said. "My younger sister put together a surprise party for our dad’s 70th birthday. He had no idea that we would be coming from Indiana with our own families.

"When my stepmother brought him to the park, the four of us sisters greeted him before bringing him to the rest of the group."

The birthday boy tries his best not to lose his mind out of happiness, but it's as clear as day that he couldn't have been more thankful for such a pleasant present.

Location: Red House, NY USA
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