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The heartwarming tale of a girl searching for a friend for her sad & lonely duck

This video reveals the heartwarming story of a duck that her dad's son gifted her.

The footage shows how beautifully Annette takes care of her new adorable pet and finds a new friend to treat her loneliness.

Following is a captivating narration of the duck's journey in the words of Annette.

"One day, my dad's friend brought me a dumped hand-raised Pekin duck that followed him home from a lake near his house," said Annette. "I knew nothing about ducks and had a lot on my plate, so I agreed to look after her until I found her a home.

"However, I couldn't find her a home and stopped searching for one when I became attached to her; but, I couldn't get her to make any friends, and she was too sad on her own.

"Instead, I decided to look for a friend for her — another duck like her. So I came across a Facebook post about an unfamiliar white duck in an area not far from me and went to check it out.

"Lo and behold, it was another dumped hand-raised Pekin duck.
So I took her home and introduced them to each other, and they bonded very quickly.

"To this day, they are very attached, always side-by-side, and have the sweetest little duck friendship."
Location: Sydney, Australia
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