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Advice for Managing Life Transitions

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Wibbitz Top Stories
Advice for Managing
Life Transitions.
These suggestions can help you
through the process of a life transition.
Focus on the aspect
of transition in which
you thrive.
Experts say there are three aspects of
transition — "the long goodbye," "the messy
middle" and "the new beginning." A person is usually
better at one transition aspect, so focus on that one.
Be clear about your emotions
and act on them.
Big changes can be scary.
Identifying your fear can help
you process it and other emotions.
Let some things go.
By letting go of aspects of your
old habits or personality, you make space
for new outlooks and ways of doing things.
Get creative.
From cooking to painting,
creativity can help with
feeling grounded when things get chaotic.
Give your
life story a revision.
Transitions are periods in which
old behaviors and fears can be healed.
Remember that you are in control
of the story you tell about your life