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EP.33 Tamasha | Day 33 | 21st September 2022 | ARY Digital

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ARY Digital
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Tamasha EPISODE 33 | Day 33 | 21st September 2022 | ARY Digital

Host: Adnan Siddiqui

Tamasha is an unconventional reality show, in which celebrities from different walks of life will have to stay together in a house – aka Tamasha Ghar – without any link/contact from the outer world; no media, gadgets and devices are allowed in the house.

Aadi Adeal Amjad (Anchor/Host)
Rauf Lala (Comedian)
Saeeda Imtiaz (Model/Actress)
Saim Ali (Model/Actor)
Umer Aalam (Actor)
Maira Khan (Actress)
Humaira Asghar (Model/Actress)
Mareeha Safdar (Model/Actress)

Celebrity guests will come as Shikaris to eliminate the contestants. Every celebrity appearance will be something to be worried about for the contestants.

*Tamasha Daily at 09:00 PM on ARY Digital*

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