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HIndi Short Film - Aandolan The Truth| आंदोलन द ट्रूथ | हिंदी शार्ट फिल्म |OnClick Music

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Watch out for a sensible social movie named "Andolan The Truth" by Vijay Tiwari

Short Film - Aandolan The Truth
Language - Hindi
Star Cast - Vijay Tiwari,Hitendra Sharma,Girraj Sharma,Ajay Shrivastav,Neha Bhadoriya,
Director - Vijay Tiwari
Production House - SRD Films
Genre - Social Drama
Dialect - Bundheli
Length - 6mins
Digital Partner - Movietone Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Story Synopsis - Ashok is a farmer, he is angry with the plans of the government. Then the leader instigates the farmers against the government, which leads to riots. Vinod is also involved in this, then his friend stops him, but he does not agree. Ashok gets a call during the riots and he runs home. There the body of his younger brother is kept. During the riots, he lost his life in stone pelting on a bus. He understands that violence is not the solution to any problem.

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