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DOREMON The Hindi Cartoon
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Gian announced he is going to release a new single the next day after he performed a rather horrible concert. Everyone fears his terrible singing and goes into hiding to avoid attending Gian's concert. Gian is frustrated. Nobita runs back home crying, and bumps into Doraemon at the doorstep, who is freaked out by the sight of mice in Nobita's room, and almost explodes the whole town because of that.

Doraemon takes out the Sonic Oscillation Terror Machine, which converts high-decible sounds into a sound wave that rids off all the rodents in the house, such as mice and cockroaches. Nobita decides to use Gian's terrible singing, and invites him over to his house to sing, after he and Doraemon chase Tamako away.

Nobita later begins an exterminating company and invites Gian over to their classmates' houses to get rid of the rodents with Gian's destructive voice, including Shizuka's and Suneo's. Gian later invites Nobita to come over his house to do the same, which terrifies Nobita so much that he faints.
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