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Ride To Happiness Roller Coaster (Plopsaland De Panne - Adinkerke, Belgium) - Spinning Roller Coaster POV Video

Mike Invades The World
The Ride to Happiness is a steel spinning roller coaster located at Plopsaland De Panne in Adinkerke, Belgium. It is Europe's first Mack Rides Xtreme Spinning Coaster, and holds the record for the most inversions on a spinning coaster. The attraction is Time Traveller Themed.

The ride starts with a slow barrel roll out of the station, leading directly into a standstill on the first launch. After a moment's hesitation, the train is then launched up a steep incline to a peak height of 108.3 feet (33.0 m). Riders navigate an outwards-banked 90° left-hand turn before plunging into a vertical drop over the park pond, which leads to the coaster's signature pair of inversions; a banana roll and a vertical loop. The train passes through a zero-g roll and a pair of banked turns overtop the Supersplash water coaster attraction before entering the second launch. The train navigates an airtime hill mid-launch before soaring up into a double-inverting dive loop. Another airtime hill is traversed, followed by a turnaround and another airtime hill before popping up into the brake run. A final 180° turn to the left leads back into the station. The train's individual cars spin freely throughout the ride.


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