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This is How You DON'T Play Skyward Sword HD - Abridged KingDDDuke Version - Mini Games & Death

My 3rd TiHYDP Abridged & Remastered. When I was working on the best of "2021 Best of KingDDDuke's This is How You DON'T Play DSP Moments of 2021 Montage From 2021 TiHYDPs!!" video, I noticed that Skyward Sword looks like 30fps, even though I know I rendered it at 60fps, so I decided to take the time to rerender it at 1080p60. I tried my best to preserve what I made, as Vegas Pro lost all the links, so I had to replace them one by one, but that didn't take too long. the long part was because I made this TiHYDP weird, because I had 6 different Vegas Pro project files, then I combined those 6 into one video, so it took a while to render 6 different 1080p60 videos, then merged those back together. I usually don't do that, but I made TiHYDP Elden Ring the same way because it was 122 parts. this playthrough was only 19.
After all of this, I notice some scenes skip frames, and Nintendo games are usually well optimized, so I think my original project was always 60fps, but Phil's 3k lemon that he leaves on 24/7 was having 90%+ CPU Encoding Overload problems in OBS and was skipping frames. Well, at least I know how easy it is to swap 720p60 project files with 1080p60 replacements in Vegas Pro, so I'll probably do the same with TiHYDP Psychonauts in August then make an abridged TiHYDP Psychonauts 2 and release it on August 25th for the 1 year anniversary.

TiHYDP by KingDDDuke Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGnB3HidddYOVQMu1NmD-iDbUkE1oZsgg

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