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HBO Max To Be Replaced With New Service That Adds Discovery Plus

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HBO Max To Be Replaced  With New Service That Adds Discovery Plus

Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav made the announcement during an earnings call on Aug. 4.

Warner Bros Discocery is the parent company of HBO and Cinemax,

... the two channels that comprise the 

HBO Max streaming platform.

HBO Max has been known to have streaming issues during appointment episodes of major series such as 'Succession' and 'Euphoria.'

During the earnings call, Zaslov touted the 

enhanced technology of the Discovery Plus platform.

The new platform will be a combination of the content from HBO Max and Discovery Plus.

The combination will then rely upon the tech stack of Discovery Plus.

Zaslav expressed excitement about the new platform.

Zaslov's announcement comes in the wake of the removal of some major content from HBO Max.

The removal of the upcoming 'Batgirl' from the streaming calendar had some users of the platform feeling anxious.

Zaslav sought to allay those fears, touting the brand of 

HBO Max as one synonymous with quality content. 

The new iteration 

of the platform is 

set for debut in the 

summer of 2023.

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