2 months ago

'5 y/o girl sheds heartfelt tears of joy upon hearing that she will be a big sister soon'

Happiness is a homemade miracle that occasionally includes a high pitch of conflicting emotions.

In this touching video, a five-year-old girl unwraps a hoodie with the words "big sister" printed on it, which her parents gave her.

After the shirt, her mother shows her a newborn baby suit and then an ultrasound image, at which point she successfully guesses that she is going to be an older sister.

She bursts into laughter and tears of joy right away, causing the mom-to-be to get emotional as well.

In the end, the excited youngling runs up behind the camera to embrace her father.

“Revealing to our 5-year-old that she is going to be a big sister, something she has wanted for so long, with emotional results,” said Charlotte Wandowski.

Name: Charlotte Wandowski
Location: Verwood, UK
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