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Hindi Crime Thriller Web Series - Hack -O-Fight|Epi 3|Action Packed Drama|Streaming #OnClick Music

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Watch for free Hindi Crime Thriller action packed Web series "Hack - O - Fight" only at OnClick Music You Tube Channel .

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Web Series - Hack - O - Fight
Episode 3 - Asli Ladayi
Star Cast - Anup , Avinash,Anand, Divya,Gouhar,Md Nasim,Nitish,Pallavi,Vicky,Shivam,md Qadir,Shashikant,Sonu
Director - Naitik Desai
Production House - Nips Studio
Producer & Director - Nitish Kumar
Language - Hindi
Genre - Action Crime Thriller
Suitable for - 7+ yrs
Digital Partner - Movietone Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Show Synopsis - A Teacher is being targeted by his students in a online hacking crime , but the good students help him to fight this by hacking the system .

Episode Synopsis - Ruhi is kidnapped and finally everybody fights for her rescue

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