इथे' स्वस्तात मिळतात Plus Size कपडे | Online Tops Shopping | Plus Size Top Haul | Plus Size Top

  • 2 years ago
'इथे' स्वस्तात मिळतात प्लस साईज कपडे | Online Tops Shopping | Online Tops Shopping Haul | #lokmatsakhi #MYNTRATrendyTopsHaul #topshaulmyntra #plussizetoponline आज आपण पाहणार आहोत plus size कपडे खरेदी करत असताना काय काळजी घ्यावी आणि ते कुठे खरेदी करावे 1) Check this out plusS Yellow Floral Regular Crop Top https://www.myntra.com/topwear/pluss/pluss-yellow-floral-regular-crop-top/15907916/buy on Myntra 2) Check this out Melon Women Plus Size Mauve Solid Ruffle Tie-up Shirt Style Top https://www.myntra.com/topwear/melon/melon-women-plus-size-mauve-solid-ruffle-tie-up-shirt-style-top/13580426/buy on Myntra 3) Check this out Chkokko Women Plus Size Grey & Black Tank Top https://www.myntra.com/topwear/chkokko/chkokko-women-plus-size-grey-&-black-tank-top/18454498/buy on Myntra 4) Check this out THE NKS PLUS Pink Floral Print Cotton Peplum Top https://www.myntra.com/topwear/the-nks-plus/the-nks-plus-pink-floral-print-cotton-peplum-top/16354660/buy on Myntra 5) Check this out Indietoga Women Green Solid Plus Size Top https://www.myntra.com/topwear/indietoga/indietoga-women-green-solid-plus-size-top/12829442/buy on Myntra Disclaimer: The recommendations made in this Video are based solely on our honest opinions and experiences with the product(s). Not all products work the same on every person, skin type, hair type, etc. We will not be held responsible for any purchases made based on our recommendations.