Immortal Mics- Extreme Action, 3D Microphones for GoPro by Immortal Mics

  • 2 years ago
Immortal Mics: Extreme Action, 3D Microphones for GoPro
Immortal Mics are the world's first wearable, ruggedized, 3D / binaural microphones for action sports cameras like GoPro.
Unfortunately - we did not get the publicity needed to fund this project. However - you can't kill "Immortal" Mics.
Please visit our website if you are interested in getting your hands on this incredible product.

Big thanks to all of our supporters. You inspire us to keep rocking!

Hey bro - this isn’t your teacher’s lapel mic. This testosterone filled tool is a wearable extreme action sports microphone array that makes your actions sports video sound AWESOME. Never again do you have to ditch the audio track and dig around for a music track to replace it with.
Through patent pending technology v.1 delivers crisp, clear realistic sound recording under the most extreme situations. If that wasn’t enough - when played back through normal headphones - the 3D positional audio experience will blow your mind. The nerds call it "binaural recording" - we call it "incredible".
Whether its the screams of a first time sky diver or the screams of the crowd below - Immortal Mics makes sure the audio experience isn’t ignored.