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The World’s Number One Chef Transitions to an Environmentally Friendly Menu

Bader Content Studios
June 2022: New York City - At the just completed Tribeca Festival, Bader Studios spent time with world renowned chef Mauro Colagreco, who explains in his new documentary: Reinventing Mirazur, that he has opted to a more environmentally friendly menu for his three -star Michelin restaurant, Mirazur, located in the south of France.

The Argentinian born creative genius, took home the most prestigious honor back in 2019 being named the best European restaurant and ther best chef in the world.

During the pandemic and forced to close, Mauro Colagreco, started to look at life differently from the daily grind of preparing the best meals in the region to one that understands the climate is in crisis and even chefs can make a difference.

So, he not only re-invented his menu but also the methods to grow the plants and vegetables that go into each dish and to source his ingredients from suppliers that believe in saving the planet.

In this well thought out documentary about his life and where he hopes to lead a movement, Chef Mauro in Reinventing Mirazur reviews his life - as a kid interested in food from Buenos Aires to a student in France, a country that he never left more than 20 years ago, to receiving a global honor that puts him on a high pedestal to now allow him to dictate trends in the restaurants industry.

His message to young chefs entering this tough and demanding business, follow your dreams and your heart and invent along the way to be relevant and one step ahead of the customers

Considered by many to be a culinary artist, Chef Mauroi is considering teaching his craft to younger international students and to encourage everyone who works at Mirazur to follow the pathway to establishing their own restaurant in the future which is the true plateau of success.

By the way, there is a three month waiting list for a tableau at Mirazur, that is if you call right now!

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