Veronica Malloy: How To Ensure Bodybuilding Supplements Pass Drug Tests

2 years ago
PNBA Natural Figure Competitor Veronica Malloy goes into detail about supplements and passing WADA compliant drug tests.

The Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association prides itself on being rigorous on keeping the league completely natural. They apply WADA compliant testing to all athletes who compete - to ensure that the competitions are fair and all-natural. But this dedication goes beyond the "big bad" drugs such as steroids and insulin. WADA has a long list of substances that are considered banned - even if they are legal in the United States and in other countries. So how does an athlete, who wants to be natural, avoid failing a drug test while using legal supplements? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, we talk in-depth with pro natural Figure competitor Veronica Malloy on the best way to find WADA compliant supplements.