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2 months ago

Christopher Violas, CEO and Founder, BLAZE, A DotCom Magazine Interview

Christopher Violas, CEO and Founder, BLAZE, A DotCom Magazine Interview

About Christopher Violas and BLAZE:

BLAZE is a cannabis software suite providing best-in-class tools for operators in the seed-to-sale supply chain. The BLAZE team is comprised of former operators and industry experts passionate about automating the day-to-day tasks and compliance needed to run a successful cannabis business.

We are currently hiring roles in Sales, Support, and Engineering. Come join a fun, innovative crew that’s open to remote team members! Job openings are located on our website.

Often we focus on getting cannabis businesses up and running. We all know that it takes a tremendous effort to get licenses and applications approved, ideas fleshed out, businesses set up, and operations started. However, we often breeze past what to do once your business is already off the ground. Many cannabis businesses are ready for growth, but aren’t fully aware that they can handle it or don’t know where to start. So how do you scale your cannabs business? Our CEO Chris Violas is here to talk about just that.

His latest talk at CannaCon dives into how to scale you cannabis business for continuous growth and set up for future success. In his talk he covers some of the following:

Inventory Management and Keeping Your Offerings Fresh and Accessible
Employee Retention and Managing Turn-Over
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Programs
The Importance of Compliance and How to Deal with Mistakes
Growing Your Business Efficiently
How BLAZE Can Help Business Scale Up
We hope you enjoy our latest talk on how to scale your cannabis business for continued growth and we invite you join us for our next ones. BLAZE is often speaking on important topics relating to the cannabis and business industry. Stay tuned for our future talks.

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