AIRBUS A380 LANDING + DEPARTURE in special colours - Best A380 livery

2 years ago
Incredible A380 | AIRBUS A380 LANDING & DEPARTURE in Special colors Full HD
AIRBUS A380 LANDING + DEPARTURE in special colors - Best A380 livery

An Airbus A380 landing of Emirates at Düsseldorf Airport during perfect weather. The special painted Emirates A380 arrived on the afternoon rotation of Emirates which usually operates between Dubai and Düsseldorf two times a day. Due to lower demand they currently only operate the A380 once a day. Usually, I try to show up at the airport whenever the colorful Airbus shows up on the UAE55 flight because I assume they might be repainted again soon. The event the aircraft is promoting already ended in March and I am a freight they could remove the colorful paint anytime soon. It`s only a few months old and I hope they will continue flying these good-looking jets for much longer, but you never know.

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