BOEING 747 LOW LANDING above some CYCLISTS - B747 flying LOW over the street Full HD

2 years ago
BOEING 747 LOW LANDING above some CYCLISTS | B747 Flying LOW Over The Street Full HD

This Boeing 747 landed on runway 24 at Cologne while a few cyclists were enjoying their evening ride. This shows that B747-8 is operated by UPS and was just about to finish a flight from Dubai. Usually, this runway is not used by heavies because Cologne has a much longer runway (Runway 14L/32R). The main runway was closed due to maintenance and that`s why all these big planes had to land on the 2450m runway. In the short final, the airplanes have to cross a street which often offers great motifs for videographers. The cyclists definitely had great timing but most of them didn't even care. Especially the second group of cyclists didn't even look to the right although a B747 was on short final.

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