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3 months ago

Monkeypox virus generally spread to humans from animals: Dr Ishwar Gilada

Deccan Herald
Deccan Herald
Amid the increasing cases of Monkeypox, AIDS Society of India President Dr Ishwar Gilada on May 21 said that this virus generally spreads in animals but later jumps to humans from animals.

“Monkeypox is zoonotic like HIV that initially came as monkey virus called simian immunodeficiency virus. Such viruses spread in animals but jump to humans. In the last 40 years, all infections are virals. Don’t have a very potent anti-viral. Virals keep mutating,” he said.

“No one can say for a fact that a virus will become pandemic. Especially after COVID, which travelled from one small city to the world, halting it for two years. But there isn’t a need to panic. Need is to study,” he added.