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2 months ago

''Mission: Impossible - Cat Version!' Kitties take a lift in their 'baggy' elevator '

'If this isn't the perfect example of "work smarter, not harder," we don't know what is.

Filmed in Munich, Germany, this amusing video features Kai Liebe demonstrating how he sends his pet cats, Poke and Miso down a floor to play without going downstairs himself.

All the filmer has to do is ask his cats (one at a time) to get in a bag tied to a "strong rope." He then lowers that bag through his window.

"I trained my cats to use a bag as an elevator to go outside and come back in," Kai revealed. "We have been doing this for a year now. Tom Cruise would be proud."

This treMEOWndous footage was caught on camera on November 29, 2021.

Name: Kai Liebe
Location: Munich, Germany'