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4 months ago

Toni TV with CARI SCHUSTER | How to Get Your Partner to Listen to You!

Cari is a Transformational and Wholistic Coach. Her heart’s desire is to provide a sanctuary for you to come and breathe, encouraging you to take time to recognize your own magnificence and learn how to live in it. Cari was raised in a Christian home with very beautiful, loving, nurturing and supportive parents, and two beautiful younger sisters, for which she is grateful. After leaving school, Cari pursued the life of a Custom Designer/Dressmaker for individuals and began my own business still running to this day, for over 35 years. Cari married her first husband when I was 23yrs old, and had a certain perspective of teachings and beliefs that I had picked up over my years. And that was that as a woman, her role was mainly to get married and have kids and that the husband would be the head of the home having the last say in all decisions. Cari’s distorted perspective, which she thought was normal, set her up to allow my husband to rule over her….to give in to things that did not sit right inside and submit to trying for children even though she had no desire for them. It was not an equal partnership. As their life unfolded together, no children happened, their careers grew stronger, and Caris goals did not seem to match the goals of her partner, and 14 years later they decided to part amicably. After the separation, Cari moved to a new location in rural South Australia where her parents lived, and was taken under the wing of a Christian group that they were involved with. Since then, Cari met and married my best friend and soulmate Rodney. He came with two handsome sons who love me for loving their Dad. They now have 8 grandchildren whom Cari loves and adores and living a life I never imagined could come true for me. As life unfolded Cari began a search to understand the programming of the mind and why people do what they do. This led her to study and Cari is now a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programme and Matrix therapies Practitioner, a Life Coach and a Counsellor, a School Mentor for children and a strong advocate and support for people taking responsibility for their lives and choices, our beautiful earth and all its inhabitants.

In this show, we chat with CARI SCHUSTER who wrote How to Get Your Partner to Listen to You! CARI takes us through:
-Can anyone be coached to listen in a relationship?
-When you're being listened to, what happens to the body emotionally?
-What inspired Cari to write this manual?
-How she goes about approaching the people and places she would like to be seen in.

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