I Weighed 300lbs - Now I'm Half The Size | BRAND NEW ME

  • 2 years ago
BARIATRIC wellness coach, Michaela Miller, had a typical family upbringing - she did well at school, she played sports, and she enjoyed family holidays in the sun. “On the surface, I was happy, I thought I was happy," Michaela told Truly. But under the surface, Michaela was struggling with pressures surrounding her weight which led to a really negative relationship towards food. Reflecting on childhood pictures, Michaela says: “Now I see a normal, young woman, but at the time I was made to feel like I had a major weight issue." In 2016, Michaela weighed 300lbs - the heaviest she had ever been. She realised that she wanted to regain control of her health. Now Michaela has lost 165lbs and she trains others in healthy living too. For Michaela, the key to a healthy weight is a healthy mindset: “Make the WHY of why you’re losing weight all about your health."

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