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3 months ago

Antimicrobial Bed Sheets - Silver Ion Technology - "Miracle Brand"

Seeker Land
Seeker Land
The Silver Lining Secret - Made of silver woven, Miracle Extra Luxe sheets are naturally thermoregulating and prevent up to 99.9% of dust gathering and growth. The silver-ion tech will maintain cleanliness, and it is three times less laundry needed than your ordinary sheets.
Premium Technology - Imagine sleeping in a never-ending cooling and fresh atmosphere. Let the Miracle Sheets do their magic through the silver ions' natural power: their positive charge connects with any odor-causing element and neutralizes it before it has a chance to reproduce.
Luxury and Comfort - Experience the grandeur of a 5-star pampering treat in these premium cotton sheets. The softness that you will experience every single night comes from the natural silver infusion that promises to last longer than you've ever felt.
Feel the Difference - Miracle Made technology breakthrough provides you fresh sheets with an extra layer of relaxation every bedtime. Enjoy an extra-luxurious silky sensation while you're sleeping!
The Perfect Set - Extra Luxe Set contains 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases for the ultimate softness and fresh feeling. Sleep soundly, especially now that your skin is safe from impurities and irritation.
Extra Luxe Sheets' Commitment - Choose your preferred color and size and be ready to enter the ideal sleep fairytale. Made of USA-grown Supima cotton, our 500-thread count sateen weave set is designed for an ultra-luxurious, smooth, and silky feel. Say “goodbye” to night sweats and “welcome” to clean, silky sleep!

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