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3 months ago

'This cute blue parrot is a chatterbox filled with love for himself and others! '

'If you aren't aspiring to be as self-loving as the adorable parrot in this video is, you're living life wrong!

Emanating from Canada, this endearing footage shows Tamara Mercer interacting with the said parrot. There seems to be no shortage of love in the room as the "blue chicken" not only calls himself cute but also assures his owner that he loves her and gives her a kiss.

"Kiwi is a little chatterbox who loves attention!" Tamara said. "He's very affectionate, loving, and caring."

The delightful scene comes to a close with the birdie flying toward the filmer to get a treat.

This clip was recorded on March 16, 2022.

Name: Tamara Mercer
Location: Canada'

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