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3 months ago

'The kitty-in-a-teacup candle is CUTENESS OVERLOADED'

'"Waiter, there's a cat in my tea!"

Emanating from Markham, ON, Canada, this amusing footage shows Parnia Shokri, a gifted candle artist, making a cute cat-in-a-cup candle that makes it look like the feline is peeking out from a cup of tea.

"The kitty is having a milk bath," Parnia said. "This cute candle is the result of a happy accident that occurred when I made half of a candle with leftover wax."

The chandler added that this piece of art was made using only soy wax, and that "she smells like flowers!"

Name: Parnia Shokri
Location: Markham, ON, Canada

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