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What is PPC? PayPerClick Explained Dopinger

Dopinger SEO
In this video, We talked about PPC. What is pay-per-click in marketing? If you want to learn, watch our video!

With the developing technology and digitalization, advertisement changed itself. Nowadays, there are many sources for advertisement. The internet is one of them. However, PPC does not cover all of the internet ads. It is the type of advertisement that takes place on search engines. That makes PPC one of the interesting aspects of digital marketing and SEO professionals. Yet, PPC is not actually SEO. So what is PPC? What makes it different than SEO?

00:00 Intro
00:06 What is PPC?
00:47 What is the difference between PPC from SEO?
01:16 PPC ads factors
01:26 Keyword relevance
01:58 Quality score
02:32 Creativity

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