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How to Eat Bagels

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How to Eat Bagels
The NEXT LEVEL Guide to Eat Bagels,
Bagels are small golden brown circles of bread that are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. While bagels are typically associated with breakfast food you can eat bagels for any meal of the day with any number of savory or sweet toppings. For an optimal bagel eating experience be sure to heat and slice your bagel before enjoying your bagel open faced or as a sandwich. Toast your bagel if it is not fresh from the oven. Bagels taste best when theyre warm as their insides g
Place your bagel in anset to 375 degrees F 191 degrees C for 4 5 minutes. Toasting your bagel before slicing it will give your bagel a crisp exterior and moist chewy center. Reheat your bagel in a c
Slice and toast your bagel in a pop up toaster for a quicker product. If you only have a pop up toaster oven slice your bagel before attempting to toast it. While its preferable to toast the bagel before slicing in order to retain the moisture of