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5 months ago

My Best Friend Couldn't Believe My Glam Transformation | TRANSFORMED

CHANEL, 28, from Bristol is a model, makeup artist and actress now living in the Welsh Valleys. Chanel told Truly: “Growing up in an area where there weren't many ethnic people, being mixed race and a natural redhead” meant she always stood out. Random people would often touch her hair without permission, which she cites as a big reason she often shaves it all off now. Chanel has learnt to fully embrace her heritage, which is a mix of Nigerian and Italian, exuding confidence in what makes her unique. Describing her look to Truly as: “Ghetto goth or esoteric”, Chanel has caught the attention of some of the biggest brands, including Rhianna's Savage Fenty who she has modelled for. Chanel got her first tattoo when she was 16, and has gone on to add lots more, including a striking piece covering her whole scalp. In today’s transformation, Chanel will be covering all her tattoos and stripping her look back to the bare minimum … What will her best friend and mum think of the new look?