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  • 2 years ago
Over 2200 exhibitors are confirmed to exhibit in person at CES 2022. In the last two weeks, 143 additional companies have signed up to exhibit in-person. Construction of exhibitors’ show floor space is well underway and soon attendees will be able to see and experience the latest tech innovations. Key industry audiences are also showing strong commitment: 195 of the Fortune Global 500, 77 of the Interbrand 100, 66 of the top retailers, leading US and global media and attendees from 159 countries are already registered and joining us in Las Vegas. We’re ready to bring the industry back together to experience the next generation of innovation.
As CES returns to Las Vegas, the show will display the next wave innovation that will shape 2022 and the economy of tomorrow. The show is set to feature a plethora of exhibitors advancing two of the most compelling technology megatrends of the future: intelligent automation and the evolution of the metaverse.
The Expansion of Intelligent Automation

Advancements in cloud infrastructure have allowed tech companies to pursue more expansive uses of intelligent automation. This will be critical as limited available hours and a tight labor market will require artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to play a larger role in the post-Covid economy.

A mainstay of past shows, autonomous vehicle (AV) technology will once again be on display with the intelligent automation technology’s entire value chain showcased throughout CES 2022. From AV chipmakers like Qualcomm (who recently acquired fellow CES exhibitor Veoneer to bolster their AV portfolio) to leaders in AV perception technologies like LIDAR leader Luminar to autonomous vehicle pioneer and first-time exhibitor Waymo, CES 2022 decidedly will be an intelligent mobility event.

Critically, the expanding applications for AVs will be a centerpiece for the show with the appearance of TuSimple and their focus on the enterprise fleet applications with their self-driving trucks. While rideshare and passenger vehicle use cases rightfully make plenty of headlines, the promise of AVs for enterprise looks even closer to fruition. As ongoing constraints in the global supply chain persist, automation in portions of the process such TuSimple’s self-driving trucks could be deployed to provide much needed fixes in shipping bottlenecks.

Still, AV technology will not be the only area where AI solutions shine. First-time exhibitor Beyond Honeycomb is poised to demonstrate how automation is propelling innovation forward in the rapidly growing FoodTech sector. Beyond Honeycomb will showcase their technology that allows sensors to study a recipe, AI to learn a dish, and then allow a robotic kitchen to prepare the meal.