Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Beginners and Basics course | Part 1

  • 2 years ago
This is the intro video for BITCOIN and cryptocurrency for beginners complete basics course.
Those who are new in Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency and looking forward to learn, can follow this course in 2021. Following are the topics we will be covering in this course. Follow this playlist.

This complete course will include all the basics such as
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency basics
Buying and Selling Bitcoins
Bitcoin wallet
Bitcoin Exchanges
Tools and websites for Bitcoin
Bitcoin Blockchain
Bitcoin Mining
ICOs and Forks
Basics of trading
Staking, Arbitrage and Airdrops
Trading basics
Portfolio management

These will be the future parts of complete course

I am following Cryptocurrency since 2014. I have learned from my own mistakes and setbacks. I want to use my experience and share maximum technical knowledge in a simple way. This Channel is dedicated for all the technical stuff related to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is already a complex technology, so I try to explain in a simple way and sometimes with Graphics too.
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