Iron Gwazi Roller Coaster (Busch Gardens Theme Park - Tampa, Florida) - Brand New 2022 Roller Coaster POV Video

2 years ago
Iron Gwazi, formerly Gwazi, is an upcoming steel roller coaster under construction at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay amusement park in Tampa, Florida. Originally built as a wooden dueling roller coaster with two separate tracks, Gwazi first opened to the public on June 18, 1999. It was constructed by Great Coasters International (GCI) and was named after a fabled creature with a head of a tiger and a body of a lion. Accordingly, the two sides of the roller coaster's track were named Lion and Tiger. The ride reached a height of 105.4 feet and featured a maximum speed of 51 mph.

Following rising maintenance costs and declining ridership, Gwazi was closed indefinitely in 2015. In 2019, plans to makeover the ride into a steel-tracked Iron Gwazi were officially announced, with Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) hired to retrofit the existing layout with I-Box track. A large portion of Gwazi's structure was reutilized, with the track being replaced with steel but the frame remained wooden. It is being marketed as the tallest hybrid roller coaster in North America, as well as the steepest and fastest of its kind in the world. Originally intended to debut in 2020, its opening has been delayed several times. It is now open to the public.