Owner spends 15 minutes defrosting Pomeranian after he got so covered in snowballs he COULDN'T MOVE
  • 2 years ago
This dog-mum spent 15 minutes defrosting her furry pooch after he got so covered in snowballs he couldn't move.

Susanna Domosi had to carry two-year-old Grizzly Bear indoors after he went outside to play in the snow and got it stuck to his legs.

She had to blast her shivering Pomeranian with a hair dryer for 15 minutes to warm him up after his ordeal.

Susanna, from Long Island, New York, USA, said: "He is obsessed with playing in the snow, that is when we see him get most excited.

"He was hopping around ploughing through the snow as if he was a bunny.

"When I picked him up, I was shocked and screamed for my boyfriend to come see Grizzly immediately.

"We were laughing so hard!"

Susanne only left Grizzly Bear alone briefly after taking some videos of her dog in the snow, when the powder collected in balls on his legs and body.

The founder of dog treat company Furever Love Club said: "After about ten minutes I looked at Grizzly and he had a terrified look on his face, I could tell he was shivering.

"I grabbed him, rushed inside, and when I was flipping Grizzly over to hold him securely like a baby so I can take my shoes off, I saw the snowballs.

"It was a total surprise!"

Before she attacked him with the hair dryer, she posted a video of him helplessly laying on his back with his snowy legs in the air on her TikTok, @fureverloveclub.

The adorable clip got over a million likes and 12.8 million views, with commenters advising her that she could use a whisk to remove the balls.

This video was filmed on January 7 2022.