2 years ago

Opening & Closing To Veggietales: Josh And The Big Wall! 1999 VHS

here are the Opening and Closing VHS previews to Veggietales: Josh and the Big Wall! and here's the order.

1. FBI Warning Screen
2. Big Idea Logo
3. Distributed By Lyrick Studios Logo
4. Veggietales Video Collection Trailer
5. Veggietales: Very Silly Songs Trailer
6. Veggietales Video Collection Trailer Closing
7. Veggietales: Madame Blueberry Trailer
8."Stay Tuned"
9. Big Idea Presents Logo

1. Big Idea Logo
2. Distributed By Lyrick Studios Logo (strange how they show this before the previews of what's also available on Videocassette)
3. Veggietales: Larry-Boy And The Fib From Outer Space Trailer
4. Veggietales: Rack Shack & Benny Trailer

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