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4 months ago

Jayson Tatum RESPONDS to Kendrick Perkins Criticism

CLNS Media Sports Network
CLNS Media Sports Network
After the Celtics' 99-75 comeback win, there were multiple notable quotes about Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown playing together put out to the public.

Starting with Jaylen Brown's presser, as he says on the narrative that he and Jayson Tatum cannot play together on the same team, "I and JT talk. We talked after the last game. We communicated with each other, so we're on the same page. I get where all the frustration comes from. As long as we're on the same page."

As discuss in the show, there were more than a few moments on the court vs the Knicks where Tatum and Brown seem connected. Although, despite their win and play, former Celtic turned NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins tweeted out: "Jaylen Brown completely took over this game with his first triple double of his career! Played a perfect game while Jayson Tatum went 6/14 from the field. They got the win tho! Carry on…"

Perkins's tweet led to Tatum replying: "Normalizing uplifting one man without bringing another one down… JB played great it’s alright to leave it at that."

As Perkins then replied: "It’s not bringing you down homeboy! My point is that I’m ready to see both of you have great games at the same time! Just like the rest of the world we want to see if y’all can co exist and I’m standing on that! Carry on youngster…"

The Garden Report crew reacts to Kendrick Perkins comments, if it holds any weight, and debates if there should be any concerns over Tatum's and Brown's comments/reactions.

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